THIMUN Singapore

This past week 15 high Mont'Kiara International School students went to Singapore to attend the annual THIMUN Singapore Model United Nations conference. THIMUN attracts over 950 students from 128 schools for a week long conference and our students were actively involved in a way that was noticeable to all. They debated issues from all aspects of life including:

  • Effective protection of victims of trafficking in persons in Southeast Asia 
  • Measures to combat child marriage & violence against children 
  • Defining the role of neighboring countries in refugee crises 
  • The question of the increase of depression among young people in competitive societies 
  • Preventing violent extremism through youth empowerment 
  • The question of digital and cyber-security on search engines and social media 
  • The question of female representation in business and finance 
  • The question of the cancellation of governmental debt to promote growth and development

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