Science Around Us


The Course


  • Using a series of fascinating experiments on electricity, the students will be introduced to the fundamentals of electric circuits and to compare the conductors and insulators that controls the electric current flows in a circuit.
  • They will be making their own electrical circuit and an enviro-battery to light up a bulb!
  • The students also will be carrying out fun experiments on light. They will be doing periscope, CD Spectroscope, glow in the dark slime to explore more on the light, reflection, refraction, and spectrum!


Course Partner


Science Bridge Academy is run by Cambridge University alumni. Our principal company has more than 13 years of market leading track record in the provision of life science training workshops in Singapore. We incorporate thematic case scenarios which promote life related skills such as strategic reasoning, insightfulness, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.


Equipment and Materials


All equipment and materials are provided in the course fees. Students will also be given handouts/worksheets to complete. They will be able to take home the handouts at the end of the ASA.