A Place of Support and Growth

We respect every student as a unique being and endeavor to meet individual learning needs. Our faculty and staff are committed to a service delivery model that involves close collaboration with parents and other stakeholders.

M’KIS does not presume to be able to meet every need. We will strive, however, to create a learning environment that will foster cultural understanding, personal safety, emotional well-being, and active engagement in an academic program that will promote growth for each of our students.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Services

In order to best meet the needs of our Elementary School students who are in the process of learning English, M’KIS provides a flexible combination of instructional support based on individual language learning needs. In the Middle and High School, EAL students in Grades 6-10 receive three 85-minute blocks of EAL support. The EAL teacher also works in close collaboration with all of our teachers. EAL lessons in the Middle and High School allow for a combination of both formal EAL instruction and subject-specific work time.

Learning Support (LS)

The M’KIS Learning Support Program (Grade 6 - 12) serves students who may present a variety of learning needs or mild learning differences. In the Middle and High School (Grades 6 - 12) the Learning Support teacher actively collaborates with our Middle and High School teachers. Long-term support is offered to those students with an ISSP. A “pull out” strategy with similar grade groupings is used for those students in the Learning Support Program. Students entering the Learning Support Program schedule an 85-minute block of Learning Support every second day. The focus for these students typically involves time management and organizational skills. Small group direct instruction occurs when the need arises. Students on “monitor status” are entitled to special accommodations, but do not typically receive direct services.

Counseling Services

Counseling services in High School are designed to help students become aware of their abilities, aptitudes and interests through individual conferences, standardized testing, and group meetings. Counselors are available during the school day to discuss problems of a personal nature, the selection of a course of student college entrance requirements, future career plans, or other matters of concern. If a student is experiencing difficulty, the Counselor will work with teachers, parents and the student to identify the problem and seek appropriate action.

Post-secondary counseling is a major part of the learning process which involves personal reflection, self-discovery, and informed decision making. Students are encouraged to direct their own search in partnership with their parents and the Counselor. Numerous visits by college recruiters, college fairs, parent/student information evenings, and many individually scheduled counselor conferences ensure that, in their final year, Grade 12 students are kept very busy during the college counseling process.

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