Karate is an ancient art of self-defense originated from Japan.  The word “Karate” means “empty hand”.  The students are taught to use their hands and also legs, step-by-step to do various blocks, punches and kicks.  The students are also required to learn the patterns called “kata”.  Karate is a form of discipline that is cultivated in students.  The students are expected and encouraged to maintain a high level of discipline. 


Fitness:  Ten minutes of warm up session is necessary to get all students in the right physical condition in order to perform.  Further down during the class, fitness exercises will be inserted as compounds to the traditional karate techniques.  This helps the students to enhance their fitness, cardio, muscular strength and muscular endurance level.


Co-ordination:  Students are trained to use various techniques with their hands and legs to enhance co-ordination and balance.  Various types of kicks, punches and blocks are taught at different stages.


Sparring:  This is a non-contact session in which the students are required to use safety gears such as headgear, body pad, shin guard and gloves, which will be provided by the instructor.  Sparring is only done after 2 months of training. 


Grading:  Grading is done twice a year to ensure the quality of the students is maintained at the highest level.  Qualified students will be promoted to the next belt.  Grading will be held at MKIS on stipulated dates. Parents are encouraged to witness the children’s performance.


Karate is a fun activity for the children, to help them release stress, and to boost their self-esteem and confidence in a much disciplined manner.