MYMUN XVIII: The Return of M’KIS’ Flagship Model United Nations Conference!

By: Nick Sen Chua and Cat Van, Grade 10

After a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the M’KIS proudly hosted the 18th Malaysia Model United Nations (stylized as MYMUN XVIII) on March 15-17, 2024.

MYMUN XVIII brought together 105 middle school delegates and 14 high school committee chairs from eight schools across China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.

Opening Ceremony

Secretaries-Generals Leon Lee Ritz, and Serena Ogara, both Grade 12 M’KIS students, welcomed the conference participants and introduced the theme of the conference: Reflecting on Progress. The theme encapsulated the need for fair, peaceful, and climate-informed global progress following the COVID-19 pandemic. The opening ceremony also featured performances from the M’KIS  band, strings, and dance students and speeches from MS/HS principal Mr. Kevin Ritchlin and Head of School Mr. Robert Cody. 

Opening Speeches and Lobbying

After the Secretaries-General declared the conference open, the delegates, each representing a unique country, moved to their respective committees. 

Following their opening speeches, the delegates began a process known as lobbying. During this process, the students engaged in productive discussions to create documents called resolutions on critical world issues such as, but not limited to: press freedom in Asia, ethics in utilizing generative Artificial Intelligence, and addressing forced migration due to conflict and war. 


The next day, students began debating resolutions they had submitted throughout the lobbying process. Delegates made speeches for or against specific resolutions, providing constructive feedback or offering praise for solutions contained within them. When other delegates wanted to improve the resolutions, they submitted amendments to add, strike, or insert language. Each debate ended with a committee-wide vote on the resolution, with a simple majority needed for a resolution to pass.

Grade 10-12 student officers chaired the committees. These student leaders created an environment where the delegates learned to conduct themselves diplomatically. Throughout the debates, the chairs mentored the young delegates on conference procedures and how to debate and speak more effectively.

The conference also allowed participants to build friendships and connections across schools and committees. Students participated in the Social Night and a Gala Night, which featured dinner, musical performances, and a talent show!

Closing Ceremony

On the conference’s final day, the delegates continued debating into lunch. The conference’s proceedings were a success. Out of 21 resolutions debated, 20 were ultimately passed by the delegates, a 95% success rate!

After lunch, the delegates met at the M’KIS Theater for the closing ceremony. During the ceremony, the chairs of each committee spoke briefly about their committees and presented awards to three outstanding delegates from their committees.

The awards presented for each committee were Most Diplomatic, for the most constructive and eloquent delegate; Most Passionate, for the talented orator with a strong communication style; and Most Improved, for the delegate who progressed throughout the three days.

With the awards given, the Secretaries-General declared the conference closed.

Restarting MYMUN in 2024

It was not easy to restart a conference that had been dormant for the past couple of years.

The conference Secretariat, led by experienced MUN leaders Serena, Leon, Maellys, and Nick Sen, initiated the team's planning in August 2023. The team selected the conference theme, Reflecting on Progress, curated the committee topics, chose the chairs, and was heavily involved in conference logistics, media and marketing, transportation, and chairing committees.

Throughout the conference preparation efforts, the students were supported by teacher coordinators Ms. Christy Mathers, Mr. David Chen, and staff member Poh Leng Tan. The team would also like to thank Mr. Kenny Shim, Mrs. Yi Chien Chew, Ms. Kay Wong, and the Visual and Performing Arts students for adding music, song, and dance to the conference. Finally, the team would like to recognize all participating schools and their teacher directors, the student officers, Robert Cody, M’KIS’ Head of School, and Kevin Ritchlin, M’KIS’ Middle and High School principal.

Preparation for the 19th MYMUN (stylized MYMUN XIX) has already begun. The new student leadership hopes to invite more schools to participate to ensure it can reach the heights of success it experienced before the pandemic!

MYMUN, the school’s flagship conference, is affiliated with the prestigious The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Foundation. Please refer to for updates regarding MYMUN XIX, which will be held in 2025.