Page 26 - M'KIS Prospectus 2017-18
P. 26

Catering to the parents and faculty of M’KIS, the Co ee Cube is a popular mee ng spot during lunch  mes and a er dropping the kids o  in the morning. Independantly run by an M’KIS family, the Co ee Cube provides a wide variety of co ees, juices, smoothies, and daily salad op ons.
M’KIS has an admissions building located at the front of the school. This building was recently refurbished and is where all new families to M’KIS will be greeted. Within this building you will  nd the marke ng, human resources,  nance, and admissions o ces.
Our renovated and expanded cafeteria is another favorite spot at M’KIS. Students and parents love the open-air dining area that allows them to enjoy the green view.
Fully equipped with an Automated External De brillator (AED), nebulizers, wheel chairs, beds and other health care resources. The M’KIS health o ce is sta ed by cer  ed and quali ed nurses who are readily available during school hours and during all on campus spor ng events.

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