Page 22 - M'KIS Prospectus 2017-18
P. 22

M’KIS is very proud of our stunning 25 metre swimming pool and early childhood pool. We believe that swimming is an essen al ac vity that encourages healthy compe  on and is an important part of water safety.
Our well-maintained sports  elds provide 59 thousand square feet for PE, recess, a er school ac vi es, Li le League sports for the younger children and athle cs such as soccer, touch rugby and so ball for older students.
Our early childhood educa on (ECE) students enjoy addi onal play areas set aside just for them. This is an amazing place for them to socialize and get physically ac ve during the day.
M’KIS has two courtyards, the canteen, and the upper courtyards. Both of these are popular during break  me and provide ample space to burn o  excess energy during the school day. They are o en used for outdoor produc ons and events throughout the year.

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