Page 20 - M'KIS Prospectus 2017-18
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M’KIS is dedicated to providing all students the opportunity to par cipate in the Visual and Performing Arts. We are mindful and know the educa on of our students in the disciplines of dance, music, theater and visual arts are essen al ingredients for balanced intellectual growth. Par cipa on in the arts o ers further opportuni es for balance, re ec on, and communica on - all part of the IB Learner Pro le.
Visual Arts: The goal of the art program is to provide students speci c opportuni es to develop visual ar s c literacy through personal expression and involvement in the crea ve process.
Performing Arts: Theater is alive in M’KIS! The drama department o ers drama and theater tech courses as middle and high school elec ves and as a middle school exploratory course.
Music: The music department o ers children from K - 12 opportuni es to express themselves through the art of music. Students par cipate in listening, crea ng and performing ac vi es while developing an apprecia on for music and its place in the world.
Dance: The dance department o ers middle and high school students opportuni es to create, explore, and develop a holis c apprecia on of dance. Students will learn how to communicate and express thoughts through di erent dance styles, explore a range of dance ac vi es that build skills on dance making and performing, and share their knowledge of dance with peers and the community.

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