Page 16 - M'KIS Prospectus 2017-18
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Mont’Kiara Interna onal School o ers two dis nc ve and rigorous high school programs, the Interna onal Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP*) and the U.S. High School Diploma. Our U.S. High School Program o ers a wide selec on of courses. Students are able to build an academic program that meets their needs and interests, while being o ered an extracurricular selec on that provides many dis nct opportuni es.
Our Dynamic and globally recognized IBDP has become a cornerstone of the school. Through the IBDP, our graduates aspire to achieve the highest academic standards, while growing well-rounded individuals. Whichever choice our high school students make, we know our programs provide graduates with the skills needed for future success.
M’KIS graduates have been accepted to pres gious colleges and universi es such as Bond University, Macquarie University, University Melbourne, University of Bri sh Columbia, University of O awa, University of Toronto, University of Windsor, Western University, The Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University Of Science & Technology, Manipal University, Yonsei University, INTI Interna onal University, NHTV Hogesschool Breda, Utrect University, Glion Ins tute of Higher Educa on, Cardi  University, Durham University, King’s College London, University College London, University of Bath, University of Birmigham, University of Brighton, University of Edinburgh, DePaul University, Drake University, Hofstra University, Loyola University Chicago, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, University of California, Berkeley, and London School of Economics, just to name a few.
*Please refer to our IBDP section on pages 18 & 19 for more details.

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