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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
It was another great season for the Varsity Girls basketball team! Champions at ISAC and 3rd place at SEASAC were two of the team’s highlights, along with bea ng KLASS twice in one season. In our previous 4 seasons, the M’KIS girls’ varsity basketball team had never been able to beat them. This was a major milestone for our growth as a team and showed us what we were capable of. Each season starts o  with new girls, new dynamics, and di erent skill sets. This year we had an amazing group
of girls, a compe  ve and fun dynamic, and an advanced skill set started us o  strong. Bonding over burgers at Buns Burger Bar and playing Interpreta ons on long bus rides were a couple of the ac vi es that kept us entertained and connected while o  the court, and lead to our success throughout the season. As seniors, we would like to thank the team for giving it their all, for being 100% dedicated, and for making our last SEASAC one to remember! Best of luck next year girls and coaches, we will miss you!

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