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“Always work hard, never give up, and  ght un l the end because it’s never really over un l the whistle blows.” - Alex Morgan, soccer player
Perseverance. Dedica on. Teamwork. These are three words that describe the U11 girls soccer team. This year, we had 14 athletes join the team, and they all came to every prac ce and game with a posi ve a tude and a willingness to learn. Team sports o er kids opportuni es to set goals, work towards those goals, learn new skills, make friends, and become healthy and  t. Our U11 girls achieved that, and more.
Mr.Te Huki, our athle c director, worked hard to give the girls opportuni es to work on team shape and strategy by organizing friendly games against ISKL, Alice Smith, and BSKL. The fan support was outstanding and made the girls very proud to be represen ng M’KIS. We were also fortunate to have Natasha Jordan, a 12th grader and varsity girls soccer player at MKIS, help coach our team. She was a great role model for the girls and helped them to improve their soccer skills.

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