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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
As every year, the MKIS’ touch rugby team is full of posi ve vibes, both on and o  the pitch. Equally as important, the players, over the years and even since the beginning of the season, have demonstrated tremendous improvement in skill and tac cs.
For the past months, the team has trained hard and have played well in various tournaments against other interna onal schools and local clubs. The team had an enjoyable trip to
Johor where a tournament was held at the Marlborough boarding school, and they played especially well during ISAC, for which they placed  rst. Soon, they will a end their  nal ba le at the upcoming SEASAC, which will take place in Hong Kong. Sadly, this will be the last season for the senior players, however, next year the younger touch players will step up and con nue MKIS’ proud Touch Rugby legacy.

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