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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
Track and Field, a myriad of di erent events that can  t any individual and one that is familiar to most. This year’s team was a mix of athletes from di erent sports, age groups and various levels of experience that performed beyond expecta ons at this year’s Interna onal School Athle c Conference (ISAC). The team had trained throughout the season diligently with a constant desire to improve. Week a er week, prac ce a er prac ce, the students pushed
themselves each and every  me resul ng in improvements across the en re team. By the end of the season we had become a single cohesive group that was more than ready to compete at this year’s ISAC. All this work put in by all the athletes brought forth a gold and two bronzes at this year’s ISAC It is without ques on that every member had improved and that hopefully next season more will join this fantas c group

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