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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
Golf SEASAC was a wonderful experience for our whole team! The tournament was hosted in Bangkok by NIST at a wonderful venue: Thana City Golf. The members of our team this year were Kyohei, Joon, Lars, and myself. For Kyohei and myself, this was our fourth SEASAC, it was Joon’s second SEASAC, and Lars was on his  rst SEASAC. On our  rst day at Thana City, we played a prac ce round and obtained a feel for the course. We were able to play as a team on our prac ce round and it was certainly a fun day  lled with laughs. We were able to get prepared for our  rst tournament day, but enjoy ourselves in the process, which was something about all SEASAC Golf tournaments that I cherish. On our  rst tournament day, Joon, Lars and I didn’t play our best golf, running into some bad breaks. Kyohei was happy with the way he played. Joon and Lars had a string of
unlucky holes on day 1, while I ran into trouble on one hole, which derailed my 3 over par round. I  nished the rest of my round a er that hole strong, which was a relief to both myself and Mr. Moore. On day 2, Kyohei  nished his SEASAC career with his lowest tournament round in all 4 years, which put him in good spirits for the rest of the day! Lars and Joon got more comfortable with themselves on the course, but didn’t have the  nishes they were looking for. I overcame my woes from day 1 and shot a one over par 73, which was the second lowest score for the whole tournament a er the champion who had a wonderful tournament. I would like to thank Mr. Moore and Mr. Te Huki for being great coaches during the golf season! Overall, SEASAC Golf 2016 was a blast and I’m looking forward to see what the team becomes next year!

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