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The beginning of season two sports saw the MKIS varsity boys’ and varsity girls’ tennis teams start training again. Both teams consisted of returning players, but there was plenty of new talent joining the ranks as well. The boys and the girls’ team trained twice a week respec vely. We worked on everything from serves to basic groundstrokes. A er weeks of gruelling training, the hard work began paying dividends as each player saw a sharp increase in their playing capabili es. Drills aside, we also focused on match play. The prac ce sessions would thus usually begin with a few warm up exercises and
end with a match or two being played. Before we could believe it, the SEASAC tournament had arrived and we were o  to beau ful Myanmar. Playing in the glaring sun with high levels of humidity was no easy task, yet both teams put up an admirable performance. The tennis aside, we were able to make a lot of great memories with newfound friends. We were also lucky enough to visit some incredible landmarks in the na on, namely the Shwedagon Pagoda. All in all both the tennis season and the trip were great successes and we cannot wait to return even stronger next year.

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