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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
This years’ tennis SEASAC was a wonderful experience as we got to meet many other tennis players with di erent styles of play. Even though it caused us frustra on and pain not winning, there were many posi ves aspects to take from the tournament. Some of us we able to win a few games and it felt really good to win. We will improve next year so that we can win more games. We learned that having great sportsmanship is key in tournaments as respec ng your opponent is important. Our
tennis team was very suppor ve throughout the whole tournament as they were showing a lot of support when any of us were losing. Even if they were just watching, it gave us a lot of mo va on to  ght back and win. We learned that winning isn’t everything but it is about the experience and ge ng to know people. This tournament doesn’t just show us where our current level is, but gives us an insight of how much more we have to o er next year.

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