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The success of Conserva on Week was perfectly preserved in the collec ve memory through the treasure of ac vi es organized by the Green Club and the Sustainability Commi ee of the Parents’ Associa on.
Suan Tan, our Guest Speaker, promoted the great projects of WWF-Malaysia and their posi ve impact on the environment: themes of Turtle conserva on for Elementary and Sustainable Ci es & Forest Conserva on for Middle and High school students. Students showed their sartorial support, with a WWF alternate dress day’ for Mother Earth, endangered turtles and  gers with a sea of blue, green and orange clothing.
Within the classroom, our ES students learned of the endangered species in Malaysia - for example, the Orang-utan and the Proboscis monkey - in Malaysian Studies lessons.
We would like to thank Connie’s Kitchen for their support to the Green Club Ini a ves:  rst with Meatless Tuesday by providing a wide array of vegetarian dishes to remind us of the issues associated with meat produc on and its over consump on and with NO WATER Plas c bo le sale on Thursday. We also had inspiring ideas from ES students posted on the wall ‘Inven ons for the Future’. Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ presented, to HS students during lunch, a powerful analysis of the e ects of climate change and the solu ons for world leaders.
Workshops and ventures,, such as the sale of mugs and bags by the PA Sustainability Team, a workshop upcycling jewellery, and plant sales by the Green Club, showed us the value of home grown produce and recycling.
Bringing all parts of our community together, Conserva on Week was symbolized by its call for ac on.

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