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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
On Saturday 29th October, members of the Green Club and MS GIN took the opportunity to listen and even meet the inspira onal Jane Goodall during her conference in KL. Jane Goodall is a renowned etholo- gist, most notably for her observa ons of chimpan- zee behavior, as well as an ac vist.
The talk interconnected many topics: her child- hood, her observa ons of chimpanzees in Tanzania, which she found very much resemble human charac- teris cs, her transi on of becoming an ac vist, global issues such as threat to wildlife and the unsustainabil- ity of meat consump on, and  nally concluded with a message of hope.
During her talk, there was a common sense of as- pira on ignited in the audience from not only her message of hope, but standing on the podium was a frail woman of 82 years who has spent her en re life impac ng society, whether it’s by evoking inspira on or expanding on our knowledge on animal behavior. She travels 300 days in an en re year, as she men-  oned. Her determina on of presen ng these talks and extensive traveling is driven by her promise of protec ng these chimpanzees.

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