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As the more fortunate members of our community, we have a duty to help those who are less fortunate than us. Even simple ac ons can make a di erence in someone’s life. For example, giving the Help Center’s classroom a new coat of paint will help the children learn by giving them a clean, safe environment to work in.
The bene ts of these trips are not only for the less fortunate. ICD Trips help M’KIS students too. From these trips, students can learn how gra fying it is to help others who are in need and how lucky they are to have been given the opportuni es that they have been given.
Overall, the ICD Trips are a very worthwhile ac vity for the students to par cipate in. It gives them an opportunity to give back to their community as well as helping them realize how very lucky they are. Giving back to one’s community is one of the most gra fying feelings there is, and being able to par cipate in that is something that I will always appreciate.

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