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right? The way people li er! Our plas c bags  lled up pre y quickly and in no  me the trash bins around us were over owing, so some of us moved on to cu ng down signs. We even brought a ladder so that we could cut down as many as possible. Steadying the ladder I walked up the steps un l I was in reach of the  rst wooden sign. With a few snips of the wire cu er the sign fell to the  oor and was put in a trash can. We got dozens of signs down in no  me and before we knew it we were ready to trek into the rainforest.
Thankfully it was not a blazing hot day and the shade from all of the trees kept us cooled. We were handed rakes and a few of us were handed shears to cut away any branches s cking out and in the way of the new trail that we were making. With the help of many hands we quickly made our way down the trail. Rake the leaves away, and snip the branches away. “Hold up!” one of the teachers said. “Now let’s begin padding down the trail!” Old plas c banners were laid down on the trail and lined up, and then half of us went over to stomp on them. I know it may sound weird, stomping on the ground? But it was actually fun! Stomping to whatever beat you’re listening to in your head. Go on and dance!
We raked and stomped and raked and stomped un l it was  me to leave. This was a great experience and everyone in seventh grade agreed that this was a fun way to show our support for Earth Day. Katya said, “It was muddy yet fun, to be honest,
it felt pre y good  xing other people’s mistakes.” Here is another quote from Liam, “I had a great  me laughing with friends and maintaining the quality of the forest.” All of us had a unique  me with our friends doing something worthwhile for the environment.
But our day wasn’t done yet. A er all of that hard work we were starving so we headed to the Curve for some lunch. We split into groups at the Curve and went to  nd sustenance. My group went to Pizza Hut where we all had a tasty lunch, um... except that some of us had ice cream for lunch (sorry, Mom). Some groups went to Starbucks and got a new name. Vilem ordered and got a cup with the name Bilen on it. So that’s a nickname we’re not forge ng! A er lunch we regrouped and headed back to MKIS.
The day was enjoyable and it felt really sa sfying to help our planet since we only have one. I hope that everyone enjoyed Earth Day and I can’t wait for next year!

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