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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
A full day of helping the environment and skipping school? Sounds like a deal to me! On Friday the day right before Earth Day, the en re 7th grade piled onto a bus and headed towards Kota Damansara to clean it up and help make new trails.
When we  rst got to Kota Damansara, we applied lots of bug spray because we knew that being in a rainforest meant that bugs were a guarantee! We were greeted by a rain forest
supervisor who told us a li le about the place. He then told us that before we headed into the rainforest that we would  rst clean up the area around it by picking up trash and cu ng down signs. Ready to begin, we grabbed plas c bags, gloves, and tongs, and made our way to the sidewalks.
We had some pre y interes ng  ndings while picking up trash such as a wallet, di erent types of bo les, and a diaper. I know,

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