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Reading Buddies (Grades KP-2 paired with MS/HS)
We had several di erent classroom pairings, where students from di erent grade levels, read and interacted together, forming new bonds. This was just as bene cial to the HS students as it was to the ES students. In some partnerships, the older students read to the younger students. In other partnerships, the younger students read to the older. In one partnership, the 5th graders and 9th graders pre-read non- c on texts, then completed an iMovie Non-Fic on book trailer challenge.
Daily morning reading ac vi es (KP-12)
The suggested 10 minute ac vi es were sent to teachers the week before Reading Week, and ac vity sugges ons varied depending on school level. The reading themes included reading online, reading the news, reading symbols, reading in other languages (language, sign language, braille, etc), and reader’s theater.
MS lunch  me reading ac vi es
By the end of the week, the middle school lunch me ac vity groups had grown, as students caught wind of the fun reading week ac vi es happening in the library. The MS students were given opportuni es to play Book Pic onary, to make upcycled jewelry from old books, to perform in a poetry cafe, and to meet with one of our own teacher-authors, Mr.Roderick.
Read-A- Thon
The Read-A- Thon was sponsored and organized by Habitat 4 Humanity. Students were encouraged to  nd sponsors, and to read, read, read as much as they could. All money collected for this event went to the Habitat 4 Humanity club.
Community building events like these are invaluable, and these are where memories are made. Our 12th graders will not soon forget the shy Kindergartners who were giving them hugs by the end of their visit. Our 5th graders will remember their Elementary School principal reading from Shel Silverstein using funny character voices. And we will all remember how great at dancing our teachers and sta  at MKIS are - based solely on the “Go a Keep Reading” music video, of course.
“You can  nd magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

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