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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
Reading Week was a huge success, as many students and teachers par cipated in a variety of ac vi es that celebrated di erent types of reading. Below are brief summaries of those ac vi es.
Guest Readers
Specialists, administrators, and sta  were special guest readers for classes in grades KP through 7. We even had teachers from the Middle School and High School read to our youngest students. This was a fantas c opportunity for our students to meet the adults in our building who they normally don’t interact with on a day- to- day basis.
Visi ng Author, Debbie Hickman (Grades 3-5)
Former MKIS teacher, Debbie Hickman, has published three books. Her stories teach Math concepts in a fun and interac ve way. Mrs. Hickman shared her most recent story, The Inside Story of Ten, and spoke brie y about her wri ng and publishing process.

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