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What skills have you gained because of this club?
My interest in world issues is always growing, but I think my best improvement skillwise has been my ability to speak in front of a large audience and be able to project my voice clearly.
What is your best memory of being in MUN?
I have lots of memories because I’ve been to quite a few conferences. I’ve been to THIMUN- Hague and THIMUN-Singapore, and the experience itself is amazing, but I have to say my favorite experience so far would have to be THIMUN-Hague in 10th grade, because I had so many close friends who went with me; it was such an amazing trip! It was also my  rst  me in The Hague, which was incredible since it’s the biggest conference in the world, so just being in that atmosphere was amazing.
What recogni on or awards have you received while in the club?
Out of the 30 MUN conferences I have a ended thus far, I believe my biggest accomplishments were when I was a Secretary-General for this year’s THIMUN-Singapore and being a Deputy Secretary-General for THIMUN-Hague. I think those two are my biggest accomplishments just because THIMUN-Hague is the largest conference in the world, and THIMUN- Singapore is the largest conference in the Asian Paci c region. It’s also the highest leadership posi on that can be granted to an interna onal student. Being a Deputy Secretary-General for MYMUN last year was also a huge accomplishment for me.
THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2

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