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How long have you been in MUN?
I have been in MUN since 6th grade.
What is your posi on in the club?
I serve as the Secretary-General for MYMUN [Malaysian Model United Na ons, or MYMUN, is an annual middle school conference held at M’KIS in April]. As for the club, I’m involved in hos ng and preparing for the conference since it’s a one-year process.
The Hague Interna onal Model United Na ons (THIMUN) is an organiza on that provides support for MUN conferences around the world, maintaining a pres gious a lia on programme. They also host four annual MUN conferences as well as other regular MUN-related events throughout the world.
What made you want to join MUN?
I started when I was pre y young. I started mainly because I already knew I had an interest in world issues, but I wasn’t aware of what those issues were, which is why I wanted to join MUN to begin with. Not only to strengthen my knowledge on world issues but also to improve my speech.
What makes this club unique compared to other high school groups?
I think what makes this club so unique is the fact that it touches on so many life skills that students will need not only in school, but even a er they  nish school. You get such a good idea of what’s happening in the world, you realize it’s not only about your life, which I think is really valuable. On top of that, it improves your research skills, and your ability to make friends, which is the social aspect of it. I think one of the misinterpreta ons of what people think when they hear about MUN is that it’s solely debate, research and just talking. But I feel there are a lot of social aspects that play a part in MUN.

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