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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
The Model United Na ons (MUN) Club at Mont’ Kiara Interna onal School is made up of a group of students who desire to be more informed about world issues and enjoy collabora on and debate. They learn how to work in unity among dissimilar perspec ves in order to reach a common goal:  nding solu ons to global problems. This is accomplished through prac cing and building skills in public speaking, research, issue analysis, cri cal thinking, debate, leadership, and listening. In MUN, these skills are mastered through the
support and encouragement of fellow members and advisors, and inspire in us the belief that we can someday make a di erence.
One of the many dedicated students who demonstrates a strong passion and commitment to MUN agreed to an interview with me. High school senior Chea-Mun Tan discussed her years in MUN, why she began, what she has learned from it, and where she hopes it will take her.

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