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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
The 15 th Annual ECE Lion/Line Dance was opened by all eight ECE classes. The Kindergarten classes of Leung, Pankonin and Chavez performed the Chinese Lion Dance which included 4 di erent forma ons. The KPA classes of Lee, Tai and Thompson joined in performing the country western line dance to the tune of Acky Breaky Heart. The KP classes of Tan, McDowell and the school community joined in and rocked and courtyard as the 5 th grade and teacher lion dance teams made their entrances. Each lion had their own style whether stru ng, racing about or dancing the line dance. The performance ended with
3 red scrolls dropping from each lion’s mouth displaying Happy New Year wishes for all! The student lion dance team included Kyle Subahan, Liew Gin Han, Ricky Mine e and Siyonna Kaur. Teacher lion dance team featured Gerard Brosnihan, Janelle Schmidt, Bill Kartechner, Sheelah Choipera and Dawn Brewes. Musicians included May-ie Tan and Shawn Cooper on drums, Joyce Tan on Symbols and Belle Chew on keyboard. Lynn Townley and Jaginder Kaur helped to create the colorful student lion heads. Special thanks to Lih Jinn Sim, Rajen and Melvin and his crew for their help and support. Un l next year, yee-haw!

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