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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
The roller coaster went up, up, up the tremendous hill. It reached the top and paused brie y. Suddenly, it sped downwards. With  ying speed, it raced up another hill, but this  me it did not go down the hill. Instead, it  ew o  the track.
Was this the most terrible amusement park accident? No! This was how most of the   h- grade classes started their roller coaster designs. For science, Grade 5 students studied movement and used roller coasters to test it. We started out simple: what speed is?, what momentum is?, and how we use pushing and pulling in daily ac vi es? However, we didn’t
just stare at a book and study. Our lessons were much more enjoyable. We got to direct our thinking with a website that allowed us to build our own roller coasters. The site gave us some fun tasks. We got to choose the color of the ride and then design the track. We had to put our lessons to work, too, though. We had to use momentum to keep the coaster going. We also had to make it a fun ride, with loops and hills. Otherwise, it would be a “snooze fest.” On the other hand, if the hills were too large, the coaster would get stuck. The coaster also had to stop in  me. If it didn’t, it would crash into the barrier.

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