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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
In The Green Club, our aim is to implement and promote environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly prac ces at M'KIS. Our dream is to create a school where students, teachers parents and sta  collaborate in preserving our beloved planet!
We are working hard on three fronts: our organic garden, compos ng and on improving the recycling system at MKIS.
Our garden is growing bigger and healthier. If you have not had the opportunity yet, go and check it behind the football  eld. It is also in the
process of being open to everyone in the MKIS community. We hope to see you there next year!
As of now we have 2 compos ng bins, and we have a system set in place. The co ee cube saves all their organic waste and gives it to us to put into the compos ng bins. All of the compost is then used as fer lizer for our gardens.
Lastly, this semester, we got upgraded recycling bins! Did you no ce them? You can see them at the cafeteria. Thanks to them we have improved greatly in sor ng our waste at lunch  me. Our

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