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How did we do it? With your help! Between last year’s Read-a-thon, our Buy-a-brick Campaign, ceramic pumpkin sales, SEASAC concessions, Holiday Cheer Grams, Christmas Bazaar table fees, and dona ons from individuals, groups, and businesses, we were able to raise RM41,711.11! Build costs this year were RM88,826.42. The di erence between the build costs and dona ons is paid by the builders. A er carrying over RM13,00 in our account for next year’s costs, builders each paid RM3,000 for the build. Building a house is expensive and your dona ons made a huge di erence to the club!
Why is the build so expensive? We pay for all materials and the salaries of the skilled labourers who guide us on site. Because we work from 8:30am to 4:30pm daily, we also have to pay for food and drink on site. We also pay transporta on costs and administra on fees to Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, our sponsors, and Habitat for Humanity Thailand, our hosts. As well, all our expenses are all in USD, because H4H Global is an American-based charity. so the ever-changing ringgit plays a big part in how much money we have to pay for the build.
Why don’t we build in Malaysia? We used to! In the spring of 2015, Habitat for Humanity Malaysia shut its doors. With no H4H Malaysia, we have no one to host our group so we had to move the build out of country. Thailand is the closest, cheapest place to go to so we moved the build to Thailand.
We already have great start to next year’s fundraising with the money we recently raised through the Read-a-thon and corporate dona ons from Ireka Corpora on and Rosen Asia Paci c, which came in a er we had already paid for the 2017 build. We hope to have as much success with our fundraising e orts in 2017 as we did in 2016 so we can build another home for another family in need in March of 2018.
Thank you so much for your kindness, your generosity, and your con nuing support of Habitat for Humanity. Because of you, a family went from living in this...
To living in this!
We honestly could not do what we do without the support of our M’KIS family. Thank you, not only from the club members but also from the families whose lives you have forever touched by helping us to build them a new home.
Thank you, M’KIS!

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