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experience. The next two days of building were  lled with construc ng walls, and at this point I was able to see the house and the life of a family whose life we would be changing take form. While pu ng up walls I no ced great camaraderie among the building crew as we were working and enjoying ourselves at the same  me. On our  nal two days of building we took on the task of plastering walls, which I have to say was a lot more di cult than it looked. A er plastering the walls we wrote messages to the family on the middle wall of their house, which for me was a wonderful idea because we would be able to leave our good wishes for the family in both the form of words and a physical house.
Once we  nished building the house and cleaned up it was  me to present the family with the key to their house. Seeing the emo ons in the eyes of the family brought tears of joy to my eyes as this was the point in the build where I realized how much this week will change the lives of this family. Not only did we build them a house, but we also pooled together money
to gi  to the family for the educa on of their son, Mag. This was one of the most memorable weeks of my life me and de nitely one that will be in my memory forever. It is hard for many people to see what we do at school as a club simply because we aren’t doing things as consistently as some clubs, but to me this week and what we did for this family is more important than any of the ‘consistent service’. This one week will forever transform the life of this family and present them with more opportuni es in life and a safe place to call home. I can think of no other way that I would rather have spent my spring break, as I enjoyed every moment of this trip. Despite returning from Thailand more  red than I arrived, this was s ll one of those experiences in life that I will never regret.
For all those who are eligible, I personally recommend taking part in a build, as you will never know how good it feels to build a house and see your work light up the faces of a poor family unless you experience it for yourself!

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