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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
This year, we had 22 members who par cipated in the week long trip to Thailand. When looking back on this trip, I realize how fortunate our whole building crew is to have such an opportunity in our lives. It was a trip that mixed fun with work, as we worked at the house everyday and had the chance to relax at the beach with friends a er building.
When we  rst arrived at the build sight we met the family that we would build a house for and started out with our  rst task of the trip:  lling the  oors. This took up the majority of the day, and along with had to pass what seemed like a million bricks along in a line to move them closer to the house. Passing the bricks seemed like an extremely boring task to most people, but for me I enjoyed it because everyone got into a steady rhythm and started to bond during this

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