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This year was my third  me a ending the Habitat for Humanity build. Even though I have been so many  mes I never get bored of it as it is such an amazing experience. This year we helped a wonderful and hardworking family. It was so great to work alongside them to build the house they are going to live in. We actually got to see the house and the condi ons that they lived in before. This family of  ve lives on 3000 baht a month. This made everyone even more mo vated to work hard and to build them a wonderful home.
The group that came on the build this year was incredibly hard-working. We actually  nished the whole house during the  rst three days! Our coordinator had to think of more jobs for us to do as we  nished so quickly. We got to plaster some of the walls, we build two stairs and we build two swings for the li le boy, Mag. It was so amazing to see how happy and grateful Mag was for something so simple.
The handover ceremony is always my favourite part, even though I always end up shedding a few tears. It is so great to see the smile on the family’s face and how grateful they are for the house we all build together. You really feel like you have made a di erence in a person’s life, which is the best feeling. This was my last  me a ending the build as I am a senior, but if I had the op on I would a end it again next year. If you are considering going on the build I would de nitely recommend it. You will not regret it!

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