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THE BERITA / 2016 – 2017 ISSUE 2
Stuco has been an amazing experience for the two years we both have been a part of it. It has been remarkable and the memories we have shared. From mee ng new people to helping others. Stuco is a group of people that organize events for the elementary school. We are so grateful to do this for our school. We all are one and we care a lot about others, we are so proud to represent our school.
One of our biggest highlight of this year was the MCF. MCF stands for Madeline's Children Fund. We organized an assembly. MCF was all about helping others and suppor ng kids with cancer. We organized a li le fundraiser and donated it to a local hospital and to MCF. MCF has been in our school for a long  me. We also held a skip-a-thon for all of the elementary students. The parents also sold a lot of accessories yellow colored and had the original MCF shirt. That Friday we had a free dress day where everyone wore yellow. Then that a ernoon we had the skip-a-thon and ended the day with some photos. That week was super fun and had a lot of meaning to is as well.
Another one of our highlights was Spirit week, we worked with the middle and high school and held a huge assembly a ended by high schoolers, middle schoolers and elementary kids. We explained how this week is all about spirit week and how we all come together as a school, to show our spirit. We did a fun li le fashion show to explain how the whole week was gonna go. The high school and middle school STUCO team joined us to make the presenta on possible. We are so glad to be represen ng our school as a team working community which involves learning.
Making all of this possible are the hard working teachers who ran STUCO.(thank you so much Ms. Nelson/Mrs.Luong). They kept everything smooth and helped us through a lot. We are also amazed by how much the kids put the heart in working together as a team and helping each other out. We all kept at it, and we are pushing to the very end of this journey. Speci cally we wish an amazing start to the ones a er us. We are so grateful and thankful for this amazing experience.
Special thanks to: Mrs.Luong, Ms. Nelson and STUCO

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