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Another store that refuses disposable packaging is BYOB Damansara Kim Branch, which is a store that encourages consumers to bring their own bo les and re ll it with a range of eco-friendly detergents for laundry, dishwashing,  oor cleaners, and cars.
REDUCE: In the pursuit of sustainability, one must reduce waste (which goes hand-in-hand with refusing waste) and one’s carbon footprint. One way to minimise the impact of consuming meat can be done by buying free range organic chicken from Uncle Rani’s Chicken Farm (loca on: Rawang). Another example worth men oning is Grub Cycle, a social enterprise that make surplus food from supermarkets accessible to buy at a bargain price instead of it being thrown away. Purchasing surplus food from supermarkets and cafe is made easy by their app, from which one can see the available foods and place orders.
REUSE: If only we would reuse things that we already had, then waste wouldn’t be the catastrophic issue it is now. It is as simple as using a reusable water bo le and containers. Biji-biji Ini a ve is an enterprise that fuses crea vity with sustainability; it reuses waste by transforming discarded materials into upcycled products, such as furniture and fashionable bags made from discarded seatbelts (cool!).
Recycle: iCycle is a recycling company that in facts pays you to recycle. You can recycle plas cs, cardboards, paper, metal, electronics, glass, tex les and clothes, bulbs, and ba eries. Their bins are distributed throughout Malaysia, the nearest one being TTDI.
Rot: This is not one of the conven onal R’s, but it is just as valuable. It refers to the ro ng/fermen ng of kitchen waste, which can be done by compos ng or fermenta on, and it is an excellent way to reduce household waste. Bokashi fermen ng is a Japanese method that breaks down food using Bokashi culture mix to make fer liser. There exists a Bokashi enthusiast in Malaysia named Wynnee who leads workshops on this par cular type of fermenta on; her ini a ve can be found on her Facebook group called Bokashi with Wynnee.
With this list of local ini a ves, the Green Club hopes to inspire and assist you in your pursuit to a sustainable lifestyle, and recognise the growing environmental and sustainability awareness in Malaysia. For more informa on for any of these ini a ves simply search the name bolded in green online.

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