Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

What is BYOD?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) requires that students provide their own, personal mobile devices, such as notebook laptop computers and Chromebooks.

BYOD Allows:

  • Student use of devices with which they are comfortable
  • Students to take responsibility for safe-keeping and usage of their own device
  • For meaningful, anytime, anyplace learning

M'KIS Provides:

While M’KIS does not provide each student with a device, we do:
  • provide secure and fast WiFi in every classroom and in common areas
  • provide charging facilities and lockers throughout campus
  • provide devices for checkout should a student device be damaged or fully discharged
M’KIS provides a range of cloud-based productivity apps, including G Suite and numerous other educational sites and content.


M'KIS permits (i) laptop/notebook (ii) Chromebook

Please read below for a description of each.

Laptops and Notebooks

Given the collected experiences of teachers, students and Integration Specialists, your child will likely find that a laptop or notebook computer best meets all the requirements of our curriculum and classroom. A primary advantage of a laptop/notebook computer is that it comes equipped with:

  • a keyboard, which allows for optimal productivity
  • a hard drive, which allows for local storage of files and
  • a large screen installation of software
  • a durable enclosure

Making specific recommendations for laptops/notebooks is difficult as new models are released regularly. We advise that you choose a computer based on:

  • weight (2-7 lbs)
  • battery life (4-7 hours)
  • screen size (13”-17”) • operating system (Windows or MAC OS)

A Chromebook offers many of the advantages of a laptop/notebook, with some differences:

  • weight (1-3 lbs)
  • battery life (6-10 hours)
  • screen size (11”-14”)
  • operating system (Chrome)
One significant difference is that Chromebooks do not have a hard drive. The Chrome OS is installed on a solid state drive (SSD). Minimum requirement: 16 GB of internal storage for files, and provide at least one USB port and an SSD card slot for external storage. The lack of a hard drive is one reason for enhanced battery life, and means that there are no moving parts. It is not possible to install software.