Madeleine Children's Fund

The Madeleine Children's Fund was created in 2000 in memory of Madeleine Sjonell, a former M'KIS student. Madeleine was only 6 years old when she was diagnosed with a fatal malignant brain tumor. Madeleine showed tremendous courage and fought bravely against the disease; however, she passed away 13 months following her diagnosis.

Since then, the M'KIS community has made continued efforts to bring hope to families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer. We have done so by providing much needed medical supplies and financial support for those who would have otherwise not been able to afford the expensive treatments.

We have been celebrating Madeleine's spirit and resilience through our annual Cancer Awareness Week in October. During this week, students and teachers alike come together to raise funds for medical supplies, which we donate to various hospitals. 

Who We Are

The Madeleine Children's Fund has been built upon the hard work and dedication of parent volunteers from the M'KIS community. Over the years, Madeleine Children's Fund has supported many events, all thanks to the combined efforts of our committed team. However, Madeleine Children's Fund would not have been able to grow and help so many families without the support of the students, faculty and parents. Through our successful fundraisers, we have helped save more than 100 children. We want you too be a part of this community and help Madeleine Children's Fund. 


Madeleine Children's Fund gladly accepts donations in cash or cheque. For cheques, please ensure they are addressed to "Madeleine Children's Fund PAC".

If you have any questions regarding donations or how you can get involved, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are a non-registered foundation but are associated with the Mont'Kiara International School. Please be assured that every ringgit you donate goes to secure medical equipment and medications of a child fighting cancer.

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