Sports at Mont'Kiara International School

The Mont’ Kiara International School’s sports programs are designed for students to further develop personal, social, and emotional skills in both competitive and non-competitive environments. A wide variety of activities are offered including but not limited to; swimming, track & field, touch rugby, basketball, badminton, volleyball, softball, soccer, and tennis.

Mont Kiara International School Swimming


The M'KIS swim team consists of dedicated group of like-minded athletes who's passion lies in swimming. This is an all-inclusive program from grades 6 through 12. Come swim with us and be part of the M'KIS Tigers! 

Track and Field at Mont Kiara International School

Track & Field

Our M'KIS track and field program provides fun, yet competitive environment in which you can challenge your physical abilities. We've seen some amazing results on the track over the past years. It's your turn to shine now.

M'KIS Soccer in Kuala Lumpur


The single most popular sports in the world! M'KIS has a great soccer tradition and runs programs from early years through to graduation. Soccer is a sport that teaches teamwork and promotes a sense of pride. 

Basketball at Mont'Kiara International School


M'KIS has a proud basketball heritage. Our teams compete in ISAC and SEASAC Div 2 and regularly place in the top 3. This program is open to both boys and girls from grades 2 through to graduation.

Cross Country at M'KIS

Cross Country

Put on those running shoes and let's hit the running trails. M'KIS Cross Country team is great way to stay fit and compete in the great outdoors. Get a little sweaty and test your limits in the M'KIS Cross Country Team. 

Mont Kiara International School Volleyball


Serve, Spike and Dig! Our volleyball team are a brilliant showcase of M'KIS talent. Over the years, M'KIS has produced amazing results on the volleyball court. Join our team and let's see what you do.

Mont Kiara International School Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

Multiple winners of ISAC and one of our most competitive teams. These girls are a powerhouse in the world of touch rugby. You'll be hard pressed to find a more spirited team. Come down for a run and let's make you a star.

Mont'Kiara International SChool Badminton


Welcome to the M'KIS badminton page. We are proud to offer badminton as one of our school sports. Some amazing players have donned the halls of M'KIS and we look forward to continuing this tradition as they years go on.

M'KIS Softball in Malaysia


M'KIS has a proud tradition of fielding excellent softball teams. It's a sport that caters to all shapes and size, making it perfect for an all-inclusive school like M'KIS. Come try out for the team and let's showcase those talents.

Tennis at M'KIS


If serving aces, mastering backhand shot or improving your net play is something that excites you, then this is the sport for you.

Golf at M'KIS


Perfect your swing with our M'KIS golf coaches. What better way to spend an afternoon than on a beautiful golf course in Asia.