M'KIS Information Technology at a Glance

The Mont'Kiara International School uses a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program for all students in Grades 6 -12. For information regarding the specifics of this program please use the menu below to learn more about BYOD at M'KIS.

Information Technology Education offered at M’KIS prepares students with the technical, practical and social attributes considered key to high performance in a digital world. Using an integrated model, teachers are asked not to pause the teaching of daily academics to “do technology”, but to employ information tools, where reasonable, to make core subjects more exciting, interactive, collaborative and productive.

Our Information Technology program uses a set of standards and benchmarks inspired by NETS for Students, and which emphasize:

  • Collaborative activities which stimulate productivity, communication, and creativity 
  • Accommodation of diverse, multi-modal learning styles  
  • Flexibility and imagination in making use of current and emerging digital technologies  
  • Awareness of social and ethical issues affecting our digital and actual lives

M’KIS Social Media Policy

Having an online presence is vital in today’s digital world. Social media does not only keep the community up to date with what is happening at the school but is also a very relevant in attracting new families and teachers to the school. Unlike a school website, social media puts the information that M’KIS wants people to see directly in their news feeds, greatly increasing the chances of messages being seen.

What is the purpose of having a social media pages?

  • To improve our communications with the community, parents and alumni.   
  • To make relevant school announcements.  
  • To provide an additional source of information for parents and teachers.  
  • To evoke a sense of pride within M’KIS.  
  • To enhance the public and community image of M’KIS.  
  • To provide an additional means of communication with prospective parents.  
  • To marketing the school to the international families and faculty. 
Moderators and Administrators:

  • The M’KIS social media pages are strictly monitored and updated by M'KIS Marketing.  
  • Every effort is made to ensure the no offensive, inappropriate or derogatory content is posted on the M’KIS social media pages.  
  • Anything deemed as offensive, inappropriate or harmful will be immediately removed and the user will likely be blocked from the M’KIS pages.  
  • Individual students will not be named in M’KIS social media posts, unless express permission is given.  
  • Any concerns related to the content posted on our social media pages can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   
M’KIS Terms of use:

  • Users cannot advertise goods or service on the M’KIS social media pages.  
  • Users will not post anything on the page that could be deemed as offensive, inappropriate or harmful. Such comments or content will be immediately removed.  
  • Users will not mention individual staff members on the M’KIS social media pages.  
  • Users should not add comments that can identify students