The learner profiles help M’KIS to create a caring and collaborative learning experience for our students in the elementary school.


During each Unit of Inquiry teachers decide which learner profile fits best with their lessons.  Lessons are then planned to incorporate activities which promote specific learning profiles to make learning active, enjoyable and meaningful.

Learner Profile Attributes are important because our PYP students get the opportunity to be:




Making good decisions, being thoughtful and  learning from mistakes.




Asking good questions, knowing how to research and find the right answers to challenges.




Exploring the unknown and acquiring new understandings.




Understanding personal culture and the beliefs and cultures of others. Searching for a wide range of points of view.




Showing empathy, compassion and respect to others. Having a personal commitment to making a positive contribution to the world.





Acting with integrity and being honest. Taking responsibility for actions and being fair and just.





Applying forethought and acting with courage when faced with uncertainty and unfamiliar situations. Being brave and articulate when defending beliefs.





Being creative and confident when expressing ideas. Feeling comfortable with working collaboratively.





Understanding the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional well being.




Supporting personal development with considered thought about experiences.







So What’s with all the Concepts?




Creativity and insight almost always involve an experience of acute pattern recognition: the eureka moment in which we perceive the interconnection between disparate concepts or ideas to reveal something new.

Jason Silva


So how do we get our students to perceive and recognize patterns across all of the many subject areas that they are studying? How can we unite content that is at the heart of learning with broader ideas that allow our students to appreciate and reveal something new?


The answer lies in conceptual relationships; the driving force behind the units and study within the framework of the MYP.  


Whether a student is looking at angle relationships in the mathematics classroom, the main factors that were catalysts of the first world war, or the importance of teamwork in P.E class, it is of great importance that we do not isolate these learning points from the concepts that link them. What is considered a standard component of education in different subject areas can reveal something new when we regard them linked by an over-arching idea. How does one angle communicate with another? Was a lack of communication between countries a catalyst of the war? Can we work in a team without communication? All of sudden we can see that with a clear understanding of the effect and application of ‘the concept of communication’ we can build bridges within the curriculum as well as within the learning of our students.


The MYP fosters this approach from the early stages of teachers developing unit plans all the way to the assessments that the students complete at the end of the units.


Every unit currently being taught at M’KIS in the MYP is driven by its own unique and individual statement of inquiry. This is a statement that is inclusive of 2 or 3 chosen concepts that are able to be explored directly through the content of the subject area. The statements are designed to be applicable across the curriculum, and oftentimes the chosen concepts are shared by the different subject areas.


A good example of this is from our grade 9 Science class looking at ‘Motion and Waves’.


‘Movement enables living creatures to change their surroundings’

Schmidt and McElvenny


When thinking about this statement in terms of science it is very clear to see the links to the subject area. The statement becomes interconnected when we think about its relevance towards other areas across the curriculum.


This statement could be true when thinking about migration in social studies; literal movement and technique in P.E or dance; or even the plight, and development of a character in language and literature. By creating transferable conceptual statements of inquiry we allow our students to recognize patterns throughout their education which leads to a deeper understanding of specific subject content and ways to apply their conceptual knowledge in the real world.

The goal to educate our students in their chosen subjects remains at the forefront of what we offer here at M’KIS but as we move deeper within the MYP framework the expectations on students to apply their conceptual understanding will grow. As we endeavor to help our students become intellectual, kind and outgoing we will also strive to prepare them for the challenges of the real world by helping them to unlock the ability to apply their skills in new and insightful ways.




Diploma Programme


Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and the Extended Essay are three required components of the IB Diploma Programme. The DP core aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. The DP core is also what marks the difference between our IB Diploma candidates and our certificate candidates, only full Diploma candidates are required to complete the Core.

November happens to be a special month for one of these components, the Extended Essay. During this month, our Seniors are finalizing their work at the same time our Juniors delve into understanding the expectations and steps of this process to start their self-directed research.

Prior to COVID, we would showcase our students' works by having them share the topics they had researched and written about with our school community. We are hoping to be able to do that this year once we return from the winter break.

The Extended Essays for our 2022 cohort have been done in the following subjects:

Biology, Business Management, Economics, English, Film, Geography, Information Technology in a Global Society, Psychology, and Visual Arts. We are looking forward to the final submissions and to have the chance to later celebrate this important accomplishment with our school community.