M’KIS Class of 2021 Celebrates Impressive IB Exam Results!

After a year of unprecedented challenges faced by the Class of 2021, we are extremely proud to announce that the M’KIS International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) exam results for our 2021 cohort are some of our highest ever.

M’KIS IB Diploma students achieved a phenomenal average point score of 38 and a 100 percent pass rate. This is compared to the global IB average of 33.02 points and an average 88.96 percent pass rate, based on the results of 170,000 IB Diploma students worldwide.

We are also thrilled to announce that of the M’KIS IB Diploma students who took the exam, one student achieved a perfect score of 45, and 41% of our students received a score of 40 or above, which is an incredible achievement for our Class of 2021.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme offers Grade 11 and 12 students a challenging and rewarding two-year pre-university academic experience that leads to one of the most widely recognized external qualifications in the world. The programme provides students , normally aged 16 to 19, with an academically rigorous course of education that prepares them for success at university and life beyond.

You can learn more about our IB Diploma Programme here

Congratulations to our entire 2021 cohort, and the countless parents and teachers who supported them over the last year and beyond. We are so proud of your achievements!