Student Feature - Anaya's Treats to Support Animals 

Today, we're highlighting the initiative and positive contributions of one of our Grade 5 Elementary School students, Anaya. After hearing that the animals at the Zoo Negara were in need of support and supplies, Anaya decided she would take things into her own hands to improve the welfare of animals, a cause that is near and dear to her heart. 

She began making homemade mousse and selling it for a small price, and was able to raise 1250 MYR! Anaya has already donated 250 MYR to the Zoo Negara, and this money is already going towards supporting a variety of animals. Anaya has donated the remaining 1000 MYR to WWF Malaysia, an environmental conservation organization. Through the organization's Malayan Tiger Conservation Team, Anaya's funds will directly support the conservation and protection of tigers.

Congratulations on making such a positive difference, Anaya! Let's hear a bit more about this effort from Anaya in her own words in the interview below.

Tell us a little bit about your efforts to support the zoo. What have you been doing?

I have been organizing a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the animals at the Zoo Negara during the pandemic period. I have been making homemade mousse and selling it, and with the funds, I have been supporting animals at the zoo. The money raised helps buy food and supplies for the animals.

Why did you choose to take on this challenge?

I chose to take action because I found out that the animals at the local zoo weren't doing so well, which made me want to take up this initiative to support them. I'm also a big animal lover!

This is a great example of two of our M’KIS values in action, kindness and compassion. Why do you think it’s important for our community to share these values?

I think it is important to have these values because if we did not, then our community would not be the kind, friendly community it is. What I am doing is a choice, and I didn't have to take on this fundraiser. But, I feel that it is not fair to just push away these kinds of choices. So I chose to do it and take action. We need these kinds of values to help support the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

What has been the most rewarding part of this experience? What have you learned?

The most rewarding part of this is all the feedback that I have received. I love feedback from people because it helps me learn what I need to fix and improve, so that more people can enjoy my homemade treats. I have also learned that running a business is really hard work! I have had to make batches after batches of mousse after school because I have so many orders to fulfill!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Anaya!