Green Club Leads Day of Climate Action

Led by the efforts of the M'KIS Green Club, we strive to promote environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly practices at M'KIS.

On Friday, September 25, hand-painted signs promoting climate justice popped up on the M'KIS campus as part of the M'KIS Green Club's efforts to draw attention to this important day. The hand-painted signs are an important reminder that the future of a healthier, greener planet is up to all of us.  

As part of their efforts to step up for a brighter climate future, the M'KIS Green Club also put together 5 simple "Green Tips" that anyone can implement. By making small, individual changes to our habits, we can have an incredible collective impact on our campus, our homes, and our planet. 

Read on for easy ways you can ensure we keep our planet green for generations to come!