Nurturing Creativity and Building Community During COVID-19

It's in times like these that our creativity shines. As a school that prides itself on community, M'KIS proudly celebrate accomplishments from all members of our community, including M'KIS parents. One of our M'KIS parents, Sukhada, recently wrote a moving piece about her family's journey during the global pandemic. Read on for her personal story and some insights.

You can read the article here:

Drawing inspiration from her personal life, Sukhada writes about how she believes COVID-19 affects us as a community. During this time of uncertainty, she is grateful for a life of abundance and particularly for her little boy, who keeps a smile on his face and his spirits high through these trying times.

She also has a message for the M'KIS community during this time:

"I am always impressed at how the teachers at M'KIS have consistently echoed a message of being environmentally conscientious and thoughtful towards each other through the various class lessons and activities they plan for our children. I hope we allow our children ambassadors to recommend small changes in each of our family's lives so we can be more conscientious towards each other and our planet moving forward. It will be in these small acts that we can begin to see change."

M'KIS Parent Sukhada and Family