Alumni Feature - Rebecca

Alumni Feature - Rebecca, a graduate from 2005, recently visited our campus to take a walk down memory lane. She was amazed at how the campus had been transformed over the years, but this paled in comparison to her excitement at being reunited with Mr. Roderick; it was truly a tear-jerking moment to see the two of them reconnect.

Rebecca is from Brisbane, Australia and currently lives in Manila, Philippines. After graduating from M'KIS, Rebecca studied a Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Natural Resource Management, University of Queensland, Australia. Currently, Rebecca is a Transport Specialist for the Asian Development Bank, East Asia Sustainable Infrastructure team. Rebecca’s best memories of M’KIS are her friends and the amazing opportunities she had to play basketball all over Southeast Asia. Model United Nations (MUN) also played a big role in Rebecca’s school life, and played a big role in her decision to pursue a career in Development.

"Your network is so important, and as a graduate of M'KIS you are lucky to already have a global network of friends. Don't take that for granted - remember to keep in touch with your friends; you never know where life will take you. Don't try to please others when you are figuring out what to study, or your first job. Explore your options, be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey of figuring out what you're good at and what you love to do. Work is so much easier when you are doing something you are truly passionate about."

We are proud of everything that Rebecca has achieved since graduating from M'KIS. It's wonderful to see our alumni succeed in pursuing their passions, and we encourage all our alumni to visit us when they have the opportunity. Thank you, Rebecca.

Rebecca - 2005 M'KIS Alumni