Homes for Malaysia - EPIC Home Build 2019

The M'KIS Homes for Malaysia club participated in our second annual home build in October. The club leader, Mr. Shanks, along with three M'KIS teachers, 11 M'KIS high school students, and a group from IGB, worked in collaboration with EPIC Homes Malaysia ( They spent four days employing newly learned skills and sweating for a greater cause. Students and teachers were divided into four teams: wall, structure, floor, and roof. Each team was led by two EPIC 'Master Builders' and had specific jobs and target deadlines each day for putting the house together. Everyone worked from 9 am to 5 pm daily. In four days, they were able to watch the build site grow from bare ground to a fully constructed home for a deserving Malaysian family of four. "Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment you get when you hand the keys over to the family," said Mrs. Schmidt, who has been on the build two times. For one senior, the experience was life-changing. "I never knew I was capable of creating such an amazing thing. This has changed my life," he remarked on the way home from the trip. Another senior shared the amazing experience with her parents, and now they have been inspired to contact the company to go on another house build as a family. It feels good to be a part of something so special. "Not only have we changed the lives of one family, but the experience has also changed our lives forever," said another student. M'KIS is proud to work towards doing good in our host country!

EPIC Home build 2019