Student Feature - Isaac, Grade 12

Responsible. Trustworthy. Sincere. Honest.

What parent wouldn’t want these words to describe their child? Add on being kind and taking initiative, and you have a clear description of the goals of the Boy Scouts of America Association.

The objective of the Boy Scouts is to take young people and shape them into better citizens for society.

The mission of the Boy Scouts is to equip young men and women to live ethically and morally. This is something that Isaac, a senior at M’KIS, has done his best to live out: “The objective of the Boy Scouts is to take young people and shape them into better citizens for society.” Isaac explained that while this association teaches the importance of basic skills, their primary goal is to instill in them characteristics which help build the person they become.

Ever since first joining as a cub scout in grade 2, Isaac grew up watching boys turn into men as they took on their role as boy scouts. He had a deep respect for them and strived to be like them one day. His father was also a boy scout as a young boy and exemplified what it meant to live that out. These role models motivated Isaac to continue in boy scouts and helped him achieve the highest honor of the Boy Scouts Association. Isaac was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, which is a milestone that only four percent of Scouts have been awarded since the association’s founding in 1911.

It signifies that you are a role model to others

The Eagle Scout ranking comes from extensive hours of leadership, earning merit badges, and participating in various services projects and conferences. While Isaac is humbled to have received this honor, he also is aware of the responsibility that comes along with it: “It signifies that you are a role model to others.”

Isaac hopes to be able to support future boy scouts to achieve their goals and possibly the Eagle Scout rank, just like the role models and leaders in his life did for him. “It’s not something I could have done on my own,” he explains as he describes the struggle of balancing school and achieving the Eagle Scout ranking. As a soon-to-be graduate of M’KIS, Isaac will be attending Iowa State University and will be studying electrical engineering in the fall. “It’s bittersweet, but I’m prepared to go onto this next stage of life.” The Eagle Scout rank is an excellent way to close this chapter of his life and begin a new one at university. Congratulations Isaac!

Mont'Kiara International School Student becomes Eagle Scout
Isaacreceives Eagle Scout Rank