M'KIS Student Feature - Aaryan

M'KIS Student Feature! From the early age of 5, Aaryan has been growing in his love and skill for the game of chess. After first being introduced to the game by his father, Aaryan became interested in the strategy and technique involved. While attending an international school in Angola, he was first motivated by receiving best under 7 at a chess tournament when he was 6 years old. From then on, he was determined to refine his abilities and grow his love for the game. His most recent achievement was in a chess tournament for under 12 with players from over 20 international schools, where he placed 6th out of 60 students. His best performance overall was at KL Gateway Mall where he achieved 2nd place.

Nowadays, when he’s not competing in tournaments, Aaryan is practicing either online or with one of his two chess instructors. One of his favorite games to play is the fastest game Blitz and Bullets, which is where the match can last anywhere in between 1-10 minutes. One day he hopes to reach his goal of achieving the Grandmaster Title in chess, which is the highest title a chess player can receive. With an air of certainty, Aaryan is confident in attaining his goal.

On top of his love for chess, Aaryan enjoys playing cricket and looks forward to supporting his favorite professional cricket team, Australia, in the World Cup this month. The M’KIS community wishes you good luck Aaryan in your future tournaments, we are so excited for you in your achievements and are eager to see you continue to thrive!

Aaryan and his chess medal at MKIS
International School Student holding chess pieces