MYP Media Design Technology

In an era of debates about “Fake News” and data privacy, in which content can go viral and reach a million eyes in only a few hours, the power of digital media is unquestionable. The MYP Media Design Technology program at M’KIS teaches students how to navigate the constant stream of information in our digital lives and to harness the power of digital resources to create and communicate ideas in engaging and impactful ways.

The M’KIS Media Design Technology program is built around three core components: digital citizenship, media literacy, and media design. The digital citizenship element helps students to learn how to participate in online communities in safe and positive ways. The media literacy component teaches students skills to access, critically evaluate, and create digital media. Finally, the media design element of the program engages students in creating integrated media including audio, video, text, and images, to communicate their ideas and opinions. This is structured in the MYP Design Cycle framework that promotes inquiry, analysis, and problem-solving; key 21st century skills.

At M’KIS, our MYP Media Design Technology program provides students with all of the skills and competencies they need to understand, communicate, and take action as empowered 21st century global digital citizens and provides foundational knowledge in digital media creation for students seeking to pursue further studies and careers in this growing creative field. 

Written by Matt Boomhower - Director of Innovation and Technology at Mont'Kiara International School

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