MYP Product Design at M'KIS

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

As a part of adopting the International Baccalaureate Middle Years’ Programme (MYP) we were excited to add Product Design as an element of our expanding STEAM programming at M’KIS this year. Our MYP Product Design Technology course challenges students to apply practical and creative thinking to solve problems by designing products to meet different needs.

Over the course of their project-based learning units, students work through a design cycle that involves four major steps: (1) Inquiry and analysis of the problem; (2) Developing ideas and planning; (3) Creating a product to solve the problem; and (4) Evaluating the success of their solution. Students can build on what they learn to improve the products that they create as they move through the cycle again!

Our new Product Design Lab is a safe and well-resourced space full of hand and power tools for working with many different types of materials, from wood to modern polymers and plastics. We’re continuing to add new tools and resources to the lab, including 3-D printing and modeling tools. Students’ daring and creativity are the only limits on the innovative solutions that they can create!

Design technology continues to move our society forward and dramatically change how we live our lives every day. MYP Product Design at M’KIS gives our students the opportunity to work through the same process that modern product designers use to build the tools we use to interact with our world each and every day to bring their bold ideas to life!

Written by Matthew Boomhower - M'KIS Director of Innovation and Learning

Mont'Kiara International School STEM and Product Design
Mont'Kiara International School Product Design
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